We’ve all been there….

You hear the new patient enter your waiting room and walk to introduce yourself.  You are organized and ready, but your curiosity is high for how this new person will present and what details will be revealed in their story.

You have a great deal to accomplish in that first meeting, after all!  You question…

  • Will my skills match what this person needs most?
  • Will I remember all the questions I’ll need to ask?
  • How will this individual respond to my statements and demeanor?
  • What if I don’t understand something said to me?
  • What diagnosis best captures how they are describing their lives?
  • What if I have misunderstood a part of their story?
  • Do I have enough depression inventories, or will I need to make a copy?
  • You may even be wondering whether you’ll have enough tea available for the next person!

CounselMetrics is a service designed to help you construct a competent counseling practice through the use of helpful automated surveys and screens.

We’ve selected sturdy, well-researched checklists and surveys that help you identify the most common (and most obscure) struggles for which a counseling patient would seek out treatment.

You send them to our site, they take the tests, and you get back a completely scored result with a narrative report! Within minutes, you can print off the pdf file that arrived in your email.

Our reports also let you see the questions and how the person answered.  It’s a great way to follow up further!

Your clients can access the surveys on their smart phones, tablets, or personal computers.

And, you can keep sending your patients back again and again to track their progress, for no additional cost.

What is available, right now!

  1. Initial Symptom Survey:  Screens for depression, general anxiety, trauma, mania, adhd, and positive well-being.
  2. Depression Tracking Survey: Using the well-known CES-D, this survey expands into 20 common symptoms of depression such as low mood, crying, hopelessness, sleeplessnes, and irritability.
  3. Generalized Anxiety Tracker: The GAD-7 is the core of this tracker which also includes another 7 aspects of generalized anxiety.
  4. Mood Progress:  With the foundational measure of the MDQ, the symptoms of mania are also screened for an additional 12 current feelings such as distractibility, high energy, racing thoughts, and unusual risks.
  5. ADHD Tracker: Like the Vanderbilt, the ASRS is an adult measure of common attentional problems.  We add additional tracking for disorganization, impulsivity, disrespect, worry, and gloom.
  6. Trauma Tracker: Building on the military-designed PCL-C, this tracking tool expands into 17 recent symptoms, including guardedness, activity triggers, emotional numbness, and nightmares.

And, we’ll be adding more regularly!

CounselMetrics allows you to

  • Identify key areas of struggle
  • Understand what symptoms could be connected to a diagnosis
  • Track the progress of their struggle from week to week, month to month

CounselMetrics is expanding soon to help you to uncover positive areas of patients, such as…

  • virtues,
  • career interests and styles
  • five factor personality
  • spirituality